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पर्यटन - तालागांव
Tourism - Talagaon

Statue of Rudrashiv

Talagaon is a small quite village, on the banks of Maniyari river. It is situated about 30 kms from Bilaspur, off the Bilaspur-Raipur Highway.

This village came to limelight and got registered on the tourist map when the ancient picturesque Deorani-Jethani temples on the banks of the river were excavated.

The highlight of Talagaon is the unique idol of Lord Shiva known as Rudrashiv (रुद्रशिव) which is in excellect condition.

As for the rest of the temple, though the structures of the temples are not in very good shape whatever remains is evidence enough speaking volumes of the past magnificence of these temples.

The carvings and statues on the walls of the temple depict stories of Lord Shiva and the entrances of the temples have several artistic statues of the deities.

Off late, the area around the temples has been developed into a beautiful park keeping in view of the tourist traffic that the place has started attracting.

New carvings are being done on the walls along the banks of river.


Much of the popularity gained by this place can be attributed to the statue of Rudra Shiva that has been found there.

The statue is an unique assembly of various animals, snakes and insects and has many human faces as different parts of the body.

The Deorani-Jethani Mandir complex is dated to be about 1500 years old whereas there is no conclusive era defined for the statue of Rudrashiv. Some experts believe that the statue could be much older and that the temples were built around it.

The statue is the only one of its kind found and does not exhibit a known signature of any specific era.

Some experts have compared this idol to a totem found in Central America.

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