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बिलासपुर में पर्यटन
Tourism in Bilaspur

Ruins of Badal Mahal, Ratanpur The region is fast gaining popularity as a tourist destination.

Bilaspur as a tourist destination has the potential to satisfy the diverse interests and tastes of almost the entire spectrum of the tourism lovers. This potential of the region has been recognized by the state government and steps are being initiated to improve the tourism related infrastructure.

The region in and around Bilaspur has plenty to attract tourists of kinds - archeological, religious, medical, commerical, legal et al.

Bilaspur District and the surrounding region within a radius of approximately 200 kilometers around Bilaspur City, has every ingredient of a popular tourist destination. It has exotic landscapes, a showcase of artefacts from a glorious past to display.

There map of this place is dotted with many archeological sites. There a host of places that have been identified by the Archeological Survey of India where excavation is yet to begin. A wide variety of artifacts dating as far back as 5000 BC can be found in this region.

hey are all here...
  • Ancient Cave Paintings
  • World's oldest auditorium
  • Forts
  • Temples
  • Statutes and Idols
  • Coins
बिलासपुर में Within Bilaspur District
  Devotees from far and wide to offer prayers and seek the blessing at the temples of Ratanpur and Malhar.

The unique statue of Rudrashiv (Lord Shiva) at Deorani - Jethani Temple (देवरानी - जेठानी मंदिर) of Talagaon is the only one of its kind.

The adventurous at heart come to Bilaspur to experience the thrills of exploring the local tiger reserve - Achankmaar. The unparalleled feel of adventure and excitement that the jungle trails offer has to be experienced to believe.

This dense forest area has recently become a Tiger Reserve and has been included in the list of National Parks of the country.

बिलासपुर के आसपास  Around Bilaspur
Some of the popular tourist destinations around Bilaspur are list below. All distances indicated are from Bilaspur City.
  • Bhoramdeo (110 km)
  • Amarkantak (105 km)
  • Udaipur Caves (170 km)
  • Raigarh Caves (180 km)
  • Sirpur (185 km)
  • Sheorinarayan (64 km)
  • Kharod (70 km)
  • Damankheda (50 km)
  • Pali (50 km)
  • Chaiturgarh (80 km)
  • Bango Dam (120 km)
  • Kosgaigarh (90 km)
  • Kendai Falls (120 km)
  • Devpahari Falls (130 km)
  • Janjgir (60 km)
  • Kotmi Sonar (22 km)
  • Damudhara (100 km)

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